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PaniBag !

Alpes-Maritimes, AM - Tuesday, June 9, 2016 - 4 Four pages
The PaniBag, an invention of the baker Seranon that appeals to the Chinese

by J.DIE.

The baker of the Doire, Ludovic Rey is the inventor of PaniBag that will change the life of the profession: a cover to store the bread out of the oven in perfect hygiene conditions.

If its innovation, patented and industrialization phase was not able to arrive in time for the European Novelty Award, it was very noticed at the Europain exhibition in Paris last February.

The Chinese have spotted the invention of Ludovic Rey: "They asked me to come to a show in Shanghai in May to present the PaniBag," he says. During a hygiene check at the bakery more than two years ago, he was told that the bread baskets should no longer be dragged on the floor to go from the oven to the bakery, as had been done since always

Ludovic Rey and his son Damien had imagined this bag in the shape of the crates for bread and filed the patent together. The first prototype was made of kraft paper in the family room.

Member of the Federation of Bakers of the Alpes-Maritimes, Ludovic Rey spoke about the project to his colleagues: "They found the idea very good and supported me in my approach. They allowed me to present the PaniBag in the Chamber of Trades. "

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sac PaniBagPerfectly adapted to crates.
Protect your breads with the PANIBAG bag! An idea of ​​Ludovic and Anthony

by Gérard SABY

This cover makes it possible to provide a solution to hygienic and sanitary problems for bakery professionals, particularly in terms of storage of bread when it comes out of the oven and crated. According to the health services controlling the bakeries, it is strictly forbidden to deposit the bread crates on the floor. It must be admitted that sometimes empty crates placed on the ground are piled one inside the other ...

From there, was born PANIBAG, a cover that installs inside the box to respect good hygiene practices. The covers are food grade, can be made of textile materials, paper ... This protects the bread which, sometimes, is at ground level when moving. At LA TRIBUNE DES METIERS, on our stand at Europain, we received Ludovic Rey and Anthony Lagnès, two passionate defenders of the bakery, a job they master on their fingertips ... One of them is a baker! So if you are seduced to get these paper bags (for now), call 06 99 43 09 64 or 06 83 19 61 97 from: LA TRIBUNE DES BUSINESS, of course!

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written by Les nouvelles de la boulangerie

Innovation in the world of bakery, the cover PaniBag makes it possible to provide a solution to problems of hygiene and sanitary for the professionals of the Bakery, in particular as regards storage of the bread when this one leaves the oven and crated .

According to the health services controlling the bakeries, it is strictly forbidden to deposit the bread crates on the floor. These crates being perforated, their movements and their deposits on dusty or dirty soil can contaminate the bread and make it unfit for consumption. From there was born PaniBag, a range of covers that are installed inside crates to facilitate the process, an innovation developed by a baker of the Alpes Maritimes, Mr. Ludovic Rey, and his son, Mr. Damien Rey, following a check in his shop.

"A practical and hygienic cover"

Can be made of textile materials, paper, cardboard or materials of new technologies from the vegetable sector, they are of food quality. These covers are micro-perforated from 250 mm down, and up to the highest not visible to the naked eye, thus avoiding rewetting and thus promoting bleeding bread.

In addition, they have sufficient strength to withstand a load of 16 kg, allowing the removal of the cover with the goods of the box; this avoids the baker a large number of manes in the laboratory.

Another advantage: they also prevent residues of bread on the ground, reducing the sweeping frequency and volatile dust to which the bakery staff are exposed, as well as the stains in the delivery vehicles by the formation of a paste in contact with a moist soil prone to ferment, favoring the development of bacteria.

A space-saving and economical solution

Reusable several times, they are, due to their trapezoidal shapes and their specific dimensions, nestable, and can therefore be stored in one and the same mason, thus saving space and ease of use in addition to the practical side and hygienic. They also represent an economic and ecological interest by reducing the frequency of washing crates while preserving and ensuring compliance with good hygiene practices in the food sector. It is also possible to enhance the sides to allow, by folding them on themselves, and fixing them with a self-adhesive tape, the closing of the cover, thereby facilitating the deposit of the goods in delivery. On the folding top, a cartridge can be printed specifying the recipient and delivery locations, as well as the nature and quantity of the product, but also the date of delivery. It is also possible to affix the logo of the supplier and manufacturers of equipment, millers and distributors of bakery products. Finally, the use of covers is much less expensive and less cumbersome than the use of wheel bases

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The favorite of the newspaper

written by Les nouvelles de la boulangerie

For his part, your review Les nouvelles de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie had a crush on an innovation that would not compete for the price Novelty Europain: this is the innovative cover PaniBag for storing bread in bakery. This was imagined by a baker from the Alpes Maritimes, Ludovic Rey, and his son, Damien, following a check in his shop. Patented last June and in phase of industrialization to be soon distributed by the millers, the range of PaniBag covers settling inside the crates to facilitate the turnaround will be presented at the Europain Show. Come and discover it on Sunday, February 4, 2018, from 11:10 am to 12:25 pm, at the Boutique Restaurant / Lab du Boulanger where Ludovic Rey will be speaking.

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Housse PaniBag

PaniBag can hold 60 chopsticks