The baker of the Doire, Ludovic Rey is the inventor of the PaniBag that will change the life of the profession: a cover that stores bread from the oven in perfect hygiene conditions

The baker of the Dory, Ludovic Rey is the inventor of the Pani Bag which will change the life of the profession: a cover that allows to store the bread coming out of the oven in conditions of perfect hygiene.

Its innovation, patented and in phase of industrialization, could not be registered in time at the price Novelty European, but it was put in the honor at the Europain exhibition in Paris in February.

The baker remembers: during a hygiene check at the bakery more than 2 years ago, it was told that the bread baskets should no longer be dragged on the floor between the oven and the oven. bakery, as it always was. There were the millers' paper bags, but they did not allow the bleeding of hot bread. Ludovic Rey and his son Damien had imagined this bag in the shape of the crates for bread and filed the patent together. The first prototype, made of kraft paper in the living room, Ludovic keeps it preciously. He tells the story of this journey he started with his son, Damien who died last June. For him, in his name, Ludovic gave life to their project.

Member of the Bureau of the Federation of Bakers of the Alpes-Maritimes, Ludovic Rey spoke about the project to his colleagues: "they found the idea very good and supported me in my approach, they validated it and allowed me to present the Pani Bag at the Chamber of Trades during a bakery seminar in Saint-Laurent-du-Var where all the actors of the profession were present ". Several articles in the journals of the profession have made it known.

After the death of Damien, Ludovic continued to advance with his nephew Anthony Lagnès. He took over the exploitation part of the patent. And so begins the story of PaniBag.


Ludovic Rey


Damien Rey


Anthony Lagnes