The deposit on the ground of the bread manna whatsoever: bakery, laboratory, shop, delivery vehicle, sidewalk and roadways is strictly prohibited and prohibited by the health services.

These practices in no way guarantee the rules of an approach preserving the bread of contaminations and bacteria prone to make it unfit for consumption.

PaniBag is the missing link in the HACCP approach to protect and preserve your breads from any kind of contamination and guarantees compliance with the hygiene standards imposed: from the oven outlet, from the depot to the bakery to the store, vehicle and place of delivery.
This reduces costs, cleaning time, hardship and health protection of bakery staff exposed to volatile dust.

Advantages of the PaniBag


The PaniBag cover is durable, reusable and easy to use


Compliance with standards imposed by the Hygiene Services


Avoid significant fines


The deposit of manna on the ground is authorized with the cover PaniBag


Replaces rolling pedestals that are expensive and bulky


Removes crumbs from the floor and reduces sweeping and cleaning of bread houses


The cover is fully recyclable and follows an ecological approach


PaniBag is convenient for deliveries and remove crumbs in vehicles


Protection for bakery staff (single document)